The “SRI Way” is one of social responsibility, integrity, reliability, and innovation. SRI strives to push the boundaries of its business and capabilities, while always keeping in mind its much larger role in contributing positively to its people and communities.

At SRUSA, our mission is to become the most reliable tire manufacturer in the USA.  SRUSA will accomplish this by continued focus on our customers, striving for continuous improvement, and exhibiting the highest commitment to safety, communication, and team work. Focusing on these core values will enable SRUSA to achieve its plans for growth at the Tonawanda facility and in North America, the rewards from which SRUSA plans to share with its people and the surrounding community.

At SRUSA, we believe in hard work and recognize that it is our people that make a difference in our business. As the SRUSA facility expands, and SRUSA faces the many challenges that accompany this, the dedication and hard work from our employees, which comes from pride in our history and what we do, will continue to drive SRUSA toward meeting its objectives as it has throughout the changes and challenges already faced over the past 100 years. This means embracing the diversity of our workforce as an international company and sharing ideas across the globe.

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